The Armitage Files

A Close Encounter

The Investigators return to the Carnival to visit the freak show. Wishing to leave no stone unturned they are enticed into the dim lit burlesque tent and treated to a hoochie coochie show. Following a close up encounter with Estelle the Dancer the Investigators are told that for a small fee a “private dance” could be arranged.

They quickly moved on to the freak show tent where they encountered the Bearded Lady and the freak Alfie Pivar.

Professor Massachusetts Jones visited Claudia Brazda and received a reading. The professor made note of the unusual layout which seemed strangely familiar but he couldn’t figure out where he had seen it before.

First we lay the path you tread, who you are, what you want to be, and what you seek. First, who you are…Strength…a man of action, who beleives in himslef. Now who you want to be…Temperence…you wish to be careful in your undertakings, slow to rush in. Now the last card in the path that tells us what you seek?…the Devil.

She looks up at you with nervous eyes.

Now we see the things that cross your path, this card crossing the first step of the path, who you are, and tells us how that helps or hinders you in percieving the world…The Magician…you see the ancient ways, you learn about the world by looking at old things yes? Now the card that crosses both who you are and who you want to be, and tells us how it really is, not just how you percieve the path…The Tower…this signifies great change…you see the tower about to fall. The next card crosses only who you want to be and tells us how it it will come to be…The Hierophant. He represents mystery, the way is unclear.

She licks her dry lips and her hands begin to shake…perhaps with the cold.

The last two cards cross the path of what you seek…first the card that will tell us what affects your search…The Hermit…called Kronos by the Greeks – he is Father Time…perhaps you do not have enough of it. The last card tells us what you will find…Death.

As the last card drops from her hand the breath catches in her throat.

The air became noticeably cooler during the reading and the Professor asked her if she noticed the change. The fortune teller told him that the reading opens a portal to the other side that exists in the cold darkness of space. Once again Claudia Brazda seemed shaken by the reading and rushed from the tent to her blue caravan. Jones looks for mechanical tricks that could explain the sudden drop of temperature in the tent, but can find nothing except the climate itself. As the Investigators observe Claudia fleeing to her caravan they once again notice the carnival master watching them. This time however he is pointing them out to a tall, dark, sinister-looking man whom looks their way with dead eyes. He turns and strides to the red caravan and disappears from view.

The investigators decided it was time to take a closer look and so Dr Carl Stumpf and Massachusetts Jones created a diversion while Detective Mahone snuck into the darkness and approached the caravan from the shadows of the rear. Professor Jones speculated whether the red box caravan was the Red Box mentioned in Document 1. After a close encounter in the darkness with one of the carnival roustabouts he made it to the shadows between the blue and red caravans.

A sense of foreboding fell over him as he approached the red caravan and is close enough to see a well dressed woman hastening away from the caravan, nervously looking over her shoulder at the red door as she departs. Discretion being the better part of valour the investigators regroup to decide on the next course of action.



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