The Armitage Files

From the Deep

Following up on what they learned at the Bison Club the previous evening, Mahone calls a contact at the Boston PD to see what sort of car Florence Hutchinson drives. They learn that she has a 1936 Rolls Royce… Royal Blue. The Professor follows up on his cables to the London Bookdealers and has received two return cables (of the five sent) regretfully informing him that the Tears of Azathoth is not currently in their possession but that they will attempt to locate a copy, hinting that it might be obtained but that a volume of such rarity might well be very expensive.

Before leaving town again the intrepid group decide to visit the sheriff to confirm that he has lifted his restriction on the Professor’s movement. He readily confirms this and apologises for the intrusion on the Professor’s privacy but points out that he was obliged to follow every lead. The group come clean regarding their investigations into Elsa Hower’s disappearance and share their evidence (circumstantial as it is) regarding the blue car. Prouty is interested in the discovery but warns the group to be careful, pointing out that Florence’s Husband, Diamond Walsh, is a dangerous individual but may not be as problematic to a police investigation as her father, Wallace Hutchinson, the influential local magnate. Wallace certainly has contact with the local Mayors of the area and Prouty hints that he may well have the ear of the Governor of Massachusetts.

They drive to Kingsport and find Wallace Hutchinson‘s house where they spot a Royal Blue Rolls Royce and decide to stake out the house. They are too far away to notice if the car has any missing paint. After a few hours a car returns to the house and they are spotted by a sinister looking man in the car. A few minutes later the gate opens and a man in his 50s flanked by two goons approaches the car. Mahone recognizes him as ’Diamond’ Walsh, notorious Boston rackateer and husband of Florence Hutchinson. At first mistaking the group for Federal agents, Walsh soon realizes they aren’t and then puts the ‘frighteners’ on them in the form of a .45. The investigators quickly drive away.

Deciding to follow up the lead in another way they head for the Kingsport Yacht Club. The Investigators approached the KYC at night along the foreshore. As they made their way along the shore, they got the sense that something was watching them from the water but all they heard was a slight splash out in the darkness.

There was little activity, and the lights in the main room were off, although there was a dim light from within somewhere and the investigators speculated that there were still servants within cleaning up or preparing for the following day. The main entertaining room with the French doors overlooking the deck and marina was dark and quiet so the Professor pointed out a side door that he thought might be near the kitchens and the door to the basement.

Wasting no time, the group sneak into the Club and after a moment carefully listening for activity go straight to the basement door and quickly through. At the bottom of the stairs they found another door leading to a small entrance room with 2 more doors facing each other to the left and right. Under one was a dim glow of light so they chose the other. Mahone picked the lock with a loud click and they heard a murmur of voices and some movement from the behind the other door. As they waited behind the door peering through the keyhole, they saw two men dressed as sailors emerge carrying a lantern. They looked suspiciously at the open door at the bottom of the stairs and then across to the door the investigators were hiding behind. Mahone masterfully relocked the door just in the nick of time and this time silently. The sailors tested the door handle and decided that they should investigate upstairs.

A quick search of the room revealed a safe behind a painting and the visitors book that showed the Wallace Hutchinson, local magnate, was the member that signed in Wendy Hower the night she went missing. Mahone opened the safe and discovered that the combination is 12R, 13L, 36R (the date of the next new moon in a few night’s time). Unfortunately the safe only held a number of financial papers (including the Professor’s application and cheque). They steal both the financial books and the visitors book.

They decided then to move on to the second room where the sailors were, where they found a storeroom with a couple of palette beds and a number of shelves containing supplies for the Club. With the barest of warnings they are attacked by the two sailors, one an ‘old salt’ brandishing a knife and the other a ‘young jack’ wielding a marlin spike. Although weakened by the encounter the investigators prevail and the sailors are bludgeoned into unconsciousness and left to their fate. The sailors both have an an unusual amulet with a strange symbol, which they also take. Mahone’s interest in architecture pays off and he notices a strange anomaly in a wall behind some barrels which leads them to a short rough-hewn tunnel which leads to a sea cave. There they find a terrified Elsa Hower, manacled behind her back and chained to a heavy chain embedded into the stone wall of the cave. Laid out on a small wooden table nearby is a strange chart, covered in symbols and dates. Before they can make any real sense of it they are attacked by hideous creatures that emerge from the water of the cave. Large ‘fish men’ attack them with their vicious claws and a bloody battle ensues. Shotguns make short work of the creatures and as the group stands shocked at the events that have unfolded the Doctor administers first aid to his companions….




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