The Armitage Files

Suspicious Minds

Dr Henry Armitage calls in Professor Massachusetts Jones to tell him about the startling arrival of Document 3. He relays how Dr Warren Rice, suspicious that Armitage was somehow creating the documents himself as part of some madness, was present at the arrival of the document. Armitage tells Jones that Rice recalls being overwhelmed by vertigo and nausea, passing out, and then awakening perhaps 20 minutes later to find the third document at his feet. The document itself reveals alarming news about one of the investigators.

Following up on the references to The Tears of Azathoth Jones talks to Dr William Dyer who has a feeling of deja vu about the tome, but cannot recall any more about it. Jones then talks to Llanfer who suggests that any search for obscure writings must necessarily be made with the more esoteric booksellers of London. Having been supplied with a list of likely sources Jones wires them in London and awaits their replies.

Fresh from his solo success at the Kingsport Yacht Club Jones makes a trip to the Bison Club and wastes little time in getting himself invited to sit with Austin Kittrell and Elsa Hower with a clumsy fabrication about being an acquaintance of Samuel Hepburn, who fortuitously is the father of Elsa’s friend Betty Hepburn. Jones somewhat amateurishly plies them from information about Wendy Hower’s disappearance and confirms that Austin Kittrell indeed knew her well from the Bison club. When asked about the Kingsport Yacht Club, Kittrell indicated that they were too conservative in their ideas of fun for his taste. And Kittrell certainly does have a taste for it, consuming copious quantities of alcohol and opening admiring many of the young ladies present despite his stunning young companion, Elsa Hower.

As the night wore on and Kittrell became increasingly drunk, he became more and more patronising of Jones’s less privileged station in life. And Elsa for her part seemed to find this mocking most amusing, giggling at Jones’s embarrassment.

Jones eventually leaves them in a state of considerable drunkenness and head home, having firmly established a connection between Kittrell and Wendy Hower.

The following morning at the University Jones is grimly interviewed by Sheriff Allan Prouty who asks a number of probing questions about his night at the Bison Club with Elsa and Kittrell. Jones soon discovers that Elsa is now missing and insists to the Sheriff that he left the Bison Club alone. The Sheriff, however, informs him that a witness, Austin Kittrell, reports him leaving with Elsa Hower. Jones maintains that he left alone and encourages the Sheriff to talk to the doorman who saw him leave alone, and points out that when he left, Austin Kittrell did not have his wits about him, being very drunk.

Jones repeats his thin story about her being described to him by an acquaintance and exacerbates the lie by pretending not to recall whom it was, eventually saying it must have been one of the gentlemen he met at the Kingsport Yacht Club: Oliver Gardiner, Samuel Hepburn, Hutchinson, Wallace, or Raymond Perkins. The Sheriff becomes even more suspicious at the mention of the Yacht Club, probes him about his knowledge of Wendy Hower’s disappearance from the Kingsport Yacht Club and warns Jones not to leave town.



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