The Armitage Files

The Armitage Inquiry

Enough professors at Miskatonic University have stumbled onto the Mythos in the last several years to create a critical mass of dangerous knowledge. Under the direction of Dr Henry Armitage, they have decided to do something about it. He has formed an informal “Inquiry Group,” similar to the interdisciplinary collection of scholars who advised President Wilson at the Versailles talks in 1919.

You still recall meeting him last Christmas Eve in his office at the University when he gathered you together for the first time, the members of the Ancillary Field Research Team composed of academics from Miskatonic University and those whom are obtusely referred to as “outside clerks”.

“My good fortune in securing the backing of Miskatonic University was great… We were not too specific with the public about our objects, since the whole matter would have lent itself unpleasantly to sensational and jocose treatment by the cheaper newspapers.”



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