The Armitage Files

The Bloody Barn

Mahone follows up with Sheriff Allan Prouty at the Arkham Police Station regarding Wendy Hower and her sister Elsa Hower. Reflecting on the gentlemen that the Professor meets at the Kingsport Yacht Club, Mahone makes the connection between Florence Hutchinson and the magnate Hutchinson, Wallace.

Mahone and Stumpf decide it’s time to visit the Bison Club and after a few minutes with the bartender, Mahone learns that Austin Kittrell’s beautiful young companion is none other than Elsa Hower. He also learns that Wendy and Elsa would often come into the club together. He hadn’t heard the names of Edgar Lyon or Dr. Kenneth Dawn but did know the Sheriff, Allan Prouty. The pair also learn that Diamond Walsh and his wife had also been in the club a few months ago.

Early on Monday the 7th of December, having decided to follow up on the Helping Hands lead they pick up Phil Hughes and convince him to show them where he witnessed the Helping Hands dragging a chained hobo into a barn. As they passed through Rowley, a disturbingly clean and tidy town, they were closely observed by locals in cream linen suits as they passed. This unnerved Phil Hughes a little and after he had pointed out the place, they drove him to the ‘safety’ of Innsmouth.

They found the creepy barn in a dish in the forest, there was a unnerving quiet over the barn with none of the usual forest sounds. Inside they found a rustic thick slab wooden table of obvious age, soaked with old blood and wax. There were manacled chains fixed to the posts of the barn. Up in the hayloft was an old sleeping palette with a biscuit tin beside the palette with some wax in the bottom. A large bird swooped ominously over the barn a few times.
As they left they could smell the acrid stench of rotting juniper berries and decided to follow the track leading from the barn (they had cut in through the forest). With the barest of warnings the pair swung around as a hideous creature hurtled towards them from the sky. A large necrotic worm skinned vulture creature with huge bat like wings. Mahone got off a quick shot with his pump action shotgun hitting the creature at point blank range as it crashed into him a moment later and raked him badly with its two claws. The good doctor somehow managed to miss a 10 foot bat demon at a range of 6 feet but blessedly missed Mahone too. Mahone, hampered by the creature’s rough embrace clubbed at it partially effectively with his shotgun but the creature then latched on with it’s hideous ‘mouth’ as well. The Doctor, relatively calm through this otherworldly encounter squeazed off a second shot from Mahone’s pistol, this time solidly hitting the beast and killing it as it slumped over Mahone.
The Doctor bandaged the heavily battered and shaken Mahone and they decided to stop following the track from the barn and made their way directly back to the car, leaving the hideous creatures body on the track after Mahone takes some photos on his trusty box brownie. They drive back towards Arkham and towards the bottom of a hill realise that the car has no brakes! Some skilful driving by Mahone keeps them in one piece and after a quick inspection of the car, Mahone realises that the brake lines were deliberately cut. They walk back to town and call it a night, deciding to recover the car the next day with the aid of the local garage.



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