The Armitage Files

The Cold Light of Day

The Dr, Prof, and Detective returned to the creepy barn to find nothing disturbed, this time skirting the stepford-esque town of Rowley. Leaving Arkham, however, the group is pulled over by a Sheriff’s Deputy, and the Sheriff is soon on the scene, demanding to know why the Professor had ignored his express instruction not to leave town. Mahone manages to mollify him and assures Sheriff Prouty that he will ensure that Jones returns to town, telling him that they are themselves following up on some leads regarding disappearances in the area.

Following the path from the barn out to the main road they discovered a hidden path off the main road that led through the forest to the barn,. Having now seen it, they can find it again from the main road. There looked to be a small spot within the forest where cars had been parked and they speculated that this is where the cultist parked before following the path through the forest to the barn.

They dragged the body of the beast back through the woods and hid it near the car to be collected later when a more suitable vehicle was available.

Then they went on to the bison club and discovered that Elsa Hower was seen talking to Florence Hutchinson at the bar late in the evening by the bartender. Possibly exiting through the back door into an alleyway where they noticed blue car paint had been scraped off on the side of a large bin. Follow up discussions with Austin Kittrell leave the investigators feeling that he mistakenly put the police onto the professor’s trail in a drunken haze. Sheriff Prouty was there before them and seemed to have shed some of his suspician as they passed him as he left.

The Professor scoped the route out to the back alley and confirmed the possibility that Elsa may have disappeared out the back with Florence. He chatted to a waiter and dismissed the heavy smell of ammonia as cleaning products. The Doctor checked the store rooms in the basement and did not discover anything suspicious.



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