The Armitage Files

The Morning After

Returning to MU in Arkham, the Professor wakes Armitage to bring him up to speed. Elsa is traumatised and has not uttered a word since her rescue, simply staring into space. The all too familiar shell shock. She drinks some hot cocoa when held to her lips but otherwise is not responsive. Llanfer is summoned and he in turn wakes a number of other members of the inquiry including the Doctor to conduct a physical examination of Elsa.

The Professor rings Sherrif Prouty to inform him of Elsa’s rescue and he arrives minutes later. The Professor starts evasively but then decides the time is right and reveals the entire truth of the investigation to the Sheriff. He shows Prouty the body of the Byakhee and he is deeply disturbed by the revelation. He recovers quickly and begins to ask pertinent questions regarding the course of the investigation.

He tells Jones that the Rowley Helping Hands are quite an insular group and do not usually partake in exchanges as is common with some other chapters.

The members of the inquiry work through the night and an examination of the charts recovered from the cave reveal that each new moon has four symbols associated with it. The Next new moon in two days hence has the symbol from the soap stone amulets that the seafarers wore and three others. The assembled members of the enquiry confirm that the symbol is that of Dagon, god of the Deep Ones. They identify another as that of Shub-Niggurath, and continue to search their reference materials for the other symbols.

Dawn arrives and they continue to work through the morning when a telegram arrives from [[Miller’s Antiquarian Books]] of Charring Cross Rd in London. It curtly informs the Professor that they were in possession of a copy of the Tears of Azathoth, but that it had been sold to New York collector whom subsequently swindled them of the purchase price. They are attempting to recover the work, and if they do so will gladly sell it to the Professor for US$2,000.

The Professor seizes the lead and sends a return telegram offering to assist with the recovery of the work.



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