Major Alfred Wessex

Marine Corps Major


Major Alfred Wessex. A living recruitment poster for the United States Marine Corps. A bear of a man, strong and athletic, a crack shot, fearsome in hand to hand combat.

He doesn’t’ know how he is going to repay his debt to Dr Armitage, after all, how do you repay someone for your very life. Surely a lifetime’s service is the minimum price for the life itself. Well until he figures that out, Major Wessex has a duty to try to repay that which was given. Maybe one day he’ll be able to talk about it…but for now the memories are too fresh.


Born and raised in the Bijou Major Wessex is a natural outdoorsman and skilled in the arts of modern warfare. He has served his country as a Marine for 20 years and is a veteran of the Great War in Europe. He has seen he best and worst of mankind, and spends every day as if it were his last.

Semper Fidelis

Major Alfred Wessex

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