Helping Hands

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Service Club

An international organization of community service clubs, founded in Akron, Ohio in 1863. Clubs are located throughout the industrialized world. Local chapters accept the charter of the international umbrella organization but are largely autonomous. Chapters typically include a locality’s prominent businessmen and professionals. Members raise money for charity and perform volunteer work.

As an unadvertised bonus, membership confers prestige and respectability. The Helping Hands supports worthy but uncontroversial causes, mostly related to the treatment of childhood diseases. New members find it an invaluable source of business connections. Helping Hands chapters exist in large cities but are not as vital to their communities as those in smaller centers. The movement boasts hundreds of thousands of members worldwide. Although the depression has blunted its fundraising capacities, its members cling to it as a pillar of normalcy in troubled times. (PCs of Credit Rating 4 or 5 may specify during character creation that they are members of the Helping Hands, and treat its philanthropic creed as a Source Of Stability.)

Arkham Chapter

Sheriff Allan Prouty
Dr. Kenneth Dawn
Edgar Lyon
Soup kitchen Regulars -

Helping Hands

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