Kingsport Yacht Club

Gentleman’s Club

The Kingsport Yacht Club is a private men’s club located near the piers of that haunted city of the Miskatonic region. Wealthy patrician males gather here for private conversation, quality liquor, and to retrieve and smoke prized cigars stored in the club’s superb walk-in humidor. Priding itself on exclusivity, the club does not admit women, Jews, ethnics, or non-whites. It espouses no overt ideology, other than the rights of the privileged to sedately enjoy the perquisites of their stations in life.

Oliver Gardiner

The Yacht Club was founded in 1870 by the shipping magnate Oren Gardiner, patriarch of its leading family. The Gardiners acquired their wealth first as fishermen, then expanded their holdings into a small maritime empire. Oren belonged to the fourth generation of wealthy Gardiners. His grandson Oliver is president emeritus of the club today.

Kingsport Yacht Club

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